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Why Kewelta?

Our country, and the people who were born here or are related to it, need ways of advertising our art, businesses and daily life.

That's why we have created a network with tools and technology a 100% made by Cubans in Cuba.

Kewelta is the word that identifies us everywhere in the world when we meet and it is the space that unites us.

How does it work?

It is a social network where you have different tools for advertising your work, events, products, services and the advertisement you want to share with your audience and friends.

People who are interested in receiving and sharing advertisement: artists, the self-employed sector, enterprises, bulletin boards, mobile applications, Internet sites, publishers, advertising agencies, designers, creatives and sales managers, have a profile in Kewelta.

Campaigns and advertisement are created in each profile. Their performance can be evaluated through statistics.

What are the benefits of Kewelta?

Kewelta is the way of bringing together Cubans and those people interested in Cuba.

It makes it easier for you to find options for your projects, businesses, and the family in general. Moreover, if you are interested in advertising, you have your audience in a single space.

In Kewelta you can show your advertisements for free and check the statistics of their impact through the amount of visits, views, and tokes of those who already have a profile.

How can I register?

Currently, registration is only by invite or coupons we share with artists and friends of Kewelta. We are a young network that grows slowly.

If you are interested in being a part of Kewelta to share your advertisement or to have access to the information in the network, you can request an invite through the corresponding Support and Contact form.

What are the services Kewelta Promo offers?

Through Kewelta Promo you can create advertising campaigns to be distributed in the publishers' network and you can use advertising media creation and design services which are offered by the creatives in the network.

Currently, we distribute the advertising campaigns in four Internet publishers: Revolico, Porlalivre, Cubisima and Havanaleaks. Part of Kewelta Promo's development consists in increasing the number of online spaces.

The creation and design of advertising media is mainly for the banners that are distributed by the publishers. We also create advertising media for other non-online spaces accompanying the advertising campaigns.

How can I register in Kewelta Promo?

Registering in Kewelta Promo is for those people interested in using the paid services and it is requested through the corresponding Support and Contact form.

People using Kewelta Promo are those with a great number of clients and are interested in advertisement tools to increase their sales.

Why are Kewelta Promo's services charged?

Kewelta is a technology enterprise where you can find the tools you need to advertise your work, some are free and others are paid.

Paid tools are used by people who offer their services on the network and those who use them. Kewelta Promo is the paid service of Kewelta and the profit is used to support the free services.

What do I get by distributing campaigns in Kewelta Promo?

Kewelta Promo allows you to increase your audience by means of campaigns that are shown in places where people willing to buy are more likely to go.

Your banners are highlighted more than the rest of the information in the pages where they are published and they are distributed under the categories and to the people from the countries you are interested in, which assures the effectiveness of your campaign.

Kewelta Promo's services are cheaper than any other printed or audio-visual media and offers great discounts according to the amount of campaigns you have in the network.

Can I check the effectiveness of my campaigns?

Kewelta Promo offers you real time statistics for you to assess the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns. You can check the views, the amount of clicks, the country of the people they have reached, the remaining amount to be distributed and the balance you have left for redirecting the campaign if you deem it convenient.

Is there a Help and Support service?

The Help and Support service works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We advise you to fill in the form of the Support and Contact page.

Through a system of tickets, you can ask for help to register as user or to notify errors. A team of programmers, designers and sales managers will assist you.

How will my private information be protected?

To ensure the protection of your private information, we have created sophisticated and safe mechanisms in specialized services in Internet for this topic.