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Connect to the biggest advertising network in Cuba.
Design your advertising campaign in a matter of minutes.

How does it work?

It’s so easy that it’s hard to explain. We have struggle to make your campaign as user-friendly as possible. Thanks to a simple and clean interface, you will save time and be able to create an excellent campaign.

Add balance

Distribution works when you add balance to your prepaid account in Kewelta.

Launch the campaign

Design your ad as you please: choose countries, categories, duration, and other options.

Assess impact

We offer real time statistics of the state of your campaign on the network.

Why choose us?

Through Kewelta Promo you can create advertising campaigns to be run along the publishers network and use creation and design services for your ads provided by our creative team within the network.
Your ads will get to over 40 million spaces.


You can have info about the number of exposures of your ad, quantity of clicks received, country of the people it has reached, the amount left to distribute, and the balance you have to redirect your campaign if you deem it convenient.

Precise population segmentation

Choose among 11 categories and country of origin.

Ads in the main spaces

Place your ad in the advertising spaces of the main webpages related to Cuba.

Different formats for your ads

The opportunity to look well in each device.

Appropriate tools

Kewelta Promo is the solution to your ads. We have tools and services to increase your sales, help you create your campaign, and check statistics of your advertisement.

Help to create your ad

We have an excellent team of creatives who will help you create your ad in a matter of minutes.

Attentive to your concerns

Our sales managers will be delighted to help you at any time, don’t hesitate to ask.
Our publishers

We have a network of publishers that includes distribution online and offline.

El Paquete
Digital magazines
Mobile apps